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White Magic Spell for Love.
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Looking to Bind your lover, then this white magic spell can help you.
You will need 7 pink candles. On the candle you will have to write you name and also the name of the person you love. Remember you will need deep concentration and meditation while doing this spell. Start this spell casting in the evening after sunset, you will light one pink candle and once the candle is burning you have to concentrate and very think with full concentration that your love is going to be back with you. You will have to see that only half the candle burns. Then you may blow of the candle, and go to the house of the person you love and outside the house you will burn the remaining candle. Once the candle is burnt see that you will hide the wax or burry the wax close to your lover's house. You may repeat this for 7 days and you will see that your love is back with you.

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