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“Exploring Esoteric Metaphysics ”


Esoterism or Esotericism can be defined as the philosophy of holding esoteric beliefs or opinions- it refers to the ideas of unusual or rare interest, understood or preserved by a niche group. The term is derived from the original Greek word “Esoterikos” which refers to “within” or something mystic that is pertinent to “more inward. Esotericism also refers to study of the esoteric philosophies or religious movements such as Alchemy, Spiritualism, Astrology, early Christian magic Mysticism and so on.

Esoteric Metaphysics- Law of the one.

The esoteric metaphysics is themed on the fundamental principle of Law of the One. This law has been derived from the very esoteric belief that the entire aspect of existence is based on unmanifest vibration. Different cultures and thinkers all across the world have decided on different names for the unmanifest vibration such as Brahman, God, Tao, The Good, The Monad, The Absolute, The Ineffable, His Endlessness & so on.

3 fundamental aspects of existence.

According to the esoteric metaphysics thinkers, the very aspect of existence is based on 3 fundamental aspects. One is manifest or the cosmos, the other is unmanifest or underlying unmanifest vibration while the third one is unity of these two.

The esoteric thinkers have come up with 5 points describing implication of Law of the One.

Point 1

It says that unmanifest vibration isn’t any personal being as proposed by the traditional religious views. The very unmanifest vibration has no body, form or sex. It doesn’t stay in the heaven accompanied by the angels nor does it punish or reward people as per some decree. It is not concerned about the choices, rituals and beliefs of people. In fact, unmanifest is the force that acts as impersonal vibration, rather than just being deified or personalized.

Point 2

The 2nd point says that unmanifest created some modulations in vibrations to manifest cosmos. The esoteric thinkers believed in Law of 3 which is said to operate in different levels. According to these thinkers, it’s the Law of 3 or Creation that is actually fundamental to cosmos construction & its continuous crative pulse.

Point 3

Esoteric thinkers have related Law of 3 to being. In the contemporary cultural context, these 3 levels of the being can be referred to as 5th unmanifest while the 4th the physical bodies, sense experience and matter. , 4th one refers to time, space & thought. The 3rd dimension implies world of the physical bodies, sense experience and matter.

Point 4

The 4th point says that in the humans the unmanifest 5th regular activities in manifestation of 4th entangled with their own bodies to that extent where sense experience of the body dominates the human perception. As a result, people come up with inverted experience and incorrect perception. dimension is excluded right from their & 3rd dimension. It states that human attention has been

Point 5

Point 5 says that people should work towards practices that promote harmony & balance. Balance would be achieved by re-arranging unmanifest and manifest aspects of humans into non- inverted relationship.

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